Tips for trips

Dinopark Vyškov (10 km)

DinoPark and ZOO PARK Vyškov connect the world of extinct Mesozoic giants with contemporary fauna, especially with domestic animals. DinoPark Vyskov is located in a picturesque forest park on the outskirts of Vyškov. Dozens of life-size models, 4D Cinema with panoramic film is included in the ticket price. A wonderful experience is a ride on the unique DinoBike cableway that allows you to look at DinoPark from a bird's eye view.

If you decide to go to DinoPark and ZOOpark, please park at the parking lot next to ZOOpark. A unique road train DinoExpress will transport you to DinoPark and back for free.

Only 10 km from Račice Chateau:


Horseback riding (9 km) – DISCOUNT FOR OUR GUESTS!

Just 9 km away between villages Habrovany and Olšanylies the Grepa ranch. All year round, horseback riding takes place in the picturesque forested landscape of the Drahanská Highlands.

Guests staying at Račice Chateau can get upon request at the reception a voucher and receive a 20% discount, i.e. instead of 250 CZK you pay 200 CZK per person per hour only.

Excursions on very calm horses are also suitable for children and beginners. Rides but must be ordered in advance by telephone.

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Lake Pístovice (3 km)

Outdoor swimming in the lake Pístovice is less than 3 km from the Chateau and you can park your car right next to it. On the grassy beach you can refresh yourself in the buffet or in one of the two restaurants with service and outdoor seating.

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Pond Srdíčko (300 m)

If you seek a smaller natural area, just walk 300 meters down the hill under the Chateau to the local pond Srdíčko, which was costly reconstructed in 2016. You can also go fishing here.
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More information about the pond reconstruction:


Chocholík Lookout Tower (6 km)

Do you enjoy looking at the countryside from the bird’s perspective? Then you should head to the Chocholik lookout tower. Only 5,8 km on foot or by bike or 8,5 km by car. After 144 steps you climb up to a height of 26 meters above the top of the hill after which the lookout was named and has an altitude of 366,5 m.

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Rakovec valley educational trail (3.5 km)

Into the picturesque Rakovec valley

The Rakovec valley  is fascinating due to its landscape and its history. You will find obvious traces of ancient Celtic civilizations and settlers from the Middle Ages. It is one of the most beautiful and largest canyon valleys of the Drahanská Highlands. A meandering stream of Rakovec stream flows through its wedge with wet meadows.

In the spring hundreds of visitors come to admire meadows dotted with thousands of snowflake flowers. Must see are pudding stone rocks, labyrinths, natural beechwood and artesian springs. All this can be found in a nearly 14 km long valley stretching from Jedovnice to Račice.

On the nature trail here you will learn a lot of interesting information, tips and tasks, and perhaps some geocaches. The trail is 14 km long and is designed for everyone regardless of age. You can walk around on foot, by bike or by scooter.

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Pilgrim Church Křtiny and bell chimes (10,5 km)

Marian pilgrim church in Křtiny near Brno belongs to the oldest Moravian pilgrimage sites. According to the legend Saints Cyril and Methodius used to baptize in this valley. The medieval complex was replaced by new monumental Baroque building by the Abbot of the Zábrdovice Monastery in 1718 who hired famous architect Jan Santini. At the top of his creative forces he designed an extensive pilgrimage complex, which became a real Baroque pearl of Moravia. Head to the destination where pilgrims from different parts of our country go almost every Sunday.

Listen to the melody of one of the largest bell chimes in Central Europe (33 bells) sounding from an adjacent monastery building.

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Výpustek Cave (12 km)

A unique cave with skeletons of prehistoric animals and a troubled military past

From Křtiny you can go through the deep karst valley Josefov with the famous Bull cave.

In 2008, a unique complex of large underground spaces of Výpustek cave was open to the public on the edge of this valley. The complex known from the Middle Ages has suffered much during the twentieth century; firstly by harvesting phosphate clays and then by military production for Nazi Germany during the Second World War and ultimately by the intervention of the Czechoslovak People’s Army. In the 1960s an underground anti-nuclear shelter was built as well as a top-secret command post that was running until 2001.

The shelter is preserved in its unchanged form and today it is part of a unique sightseeing tour, where you will find the expositions of the “Cave Výpustek in the Křtiny valley” and “Caves of the Old Rituals”, which represent the Výpustek as the oldest known cave of the Moravian Karst.

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Moravian Karst (26 km)

In the most famous and most important karst areas in the Czech Republic you will see numerous archaeological, paleontological and cultural monuments, as well as unique animate and inanimate nature. The karst platforms are cut up to 150 m deep canyons – gorges. Almost 60% of Moravian Karst territory is covered by forests. There are more than 1000 caves here. Five caves are open to the public. In addition to the aforementioned Výpustek cave, they are the Balcarka Cave, the Catherine Cave, the Punkevní Cave and Sloupsko-Šošůvské Caves. The Empire Cave is now available for speleotherapy.

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Please note that even if you are a small group or family, it is necessary to book an entrance in advance, in case of the Punkva Cave at least 2 weeks in advance. In the high season and on the weekends, reservations are recommended a few weeks in advance.
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Museum of Aviation and Ground Engineering in Vyškov (10 km)

On the airport beyond Vyškov there is an open-air museum where you can see contemporary technology and parts of aircraft shot down during WW2.

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